Tuesday, December 7, 2010

really miss u...(putih dlm kenangan)

Sitting here crying inside, because your gone
I really really loved you in every way
It's been a great almost 6 months,I've had with you
But now,I sit here sad as can be
Just figured out today you're gone
Now you rest in peace,in that wondeful place in the sky
I hope god takes very good care of you and loves you like I did
I miss you with all my heart,I won't get over it easily
I'll never forget you Goth,you were the best
You deserve you rest,but now you leave me here crying
Wishing I could rewind time,and bring you back
I know it'll never happen,but I just wish it would
Enjoy,your life in heaven now,I'll be there someday too
****really sad right now because my cat died,but he wasn't only my beloved pet,he was also my friend,and I really miss him****

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