Friday, April 29, 2011

A women's heart....

A woman dreams ... with her heart, dreams of passion, beauty and peace on earth.
A woman cries . tears when she's wounded..replaced with smiles when she knows she will heal soon.
A woman loves ... with her soul, deep and true ... with all that she knows.....
A woman tries ... through every wrong, ... forgives past sins and finds the strength to move on.
A woman gives ... everything inside her ... she does not hold back because of the fears that remind her,.she could be hurt, be taken in, a woman protects herself with the love that lies within.....

Only a woman knows the secret truths that hide beneath the surface of her warmth and kindness.
Only a woman knows the tender touch that can heal all wrongs and relieve all fears.
Only a woman can give her all and have love left to give when the giving is done.
Only a woman ... with a woman's heart ... can understand and accept ... the many pains she will
Only a woman ... with a woman's heart ... can possibly know the strength of her heart.....

A woman knows ... if all she owns was taken ... there are parts of her, the best of her ... that nothing on earth can ever take away ... the woman's heart, the woman's depths.
Only a woman knows ... it's the love within that makes her who she is, and love without pain could be a love that is dead

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